14 Things to Delegate to a Virtual Professional so You Can Create More Time for Your Business

Feeling overwhelmed in your business because there’s just so many things to be done? Yes?

Well, you’re not alone with that problem. In fact, this is one of the biggest issues most starting online entrepreneurs are facing in their businesses – and most of them are overlooking it, unaware of the consequences it might cost them (unaware because they’re too busy!).

Here’s what happens when you get overwhelmed with work:

  1. You lose time for more important things that you should be focusing on in your business. Like, those 20% of activities that gives you 80% of your income. And we all know that when we stop focusing on these things, we lose money.
  2. You’re losing time for yourself and the people you love. Work-life balance is the dream. It didn’t say work-work. And ironically, you created this business to spend more time with them. Right?
  3. You’ll become less effective. Multitasking is not healthy. It will leave you doing mediocre work. In fact, your IQ level drops when you do so many things at once. That’s scary. Here’s science to back us up with that.

If your business is suffering from this entrepreneurial overwhelm catastrophe, you don’t have to worry. Like any problem, there’s a solution for this. You might wanna make your business take this antidote. It’s called OUTSOURCING. 

And outsourcing doesn’t have to be intimidating and complicated. In fact, with the help of the internet, it’s very easy to find people who will help you and your business thrive. There’s lots of media where you can find the perfect virtual professionals for you and your business, and they could come from all over the world. Choosing the best candidates are totally in your control.

Also, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Forget the myth that hiring people will cost you a lot that you won’t even be able to pay for yourself. You can find the best workers without hurting your pocket – you just have to be strategic on where and which countries to look.

If you’re not sure what to outsource yet, here are some of the things you might wanna consider delegating to virtual professionals:

  1. Social Media Management – creating and batching social media content, copywriting, social media marketing, engaging with customers, creating graphics, analytics, scheduling, etc.
  2. Digital Marketing – SEO, link-building, keyword research, etc.
  3. Content Writing – blogging, creating affiliate blog posts, content marketing, etc.
  4. Lead Generation – finding leads
  5. Appointment Setting – scheduling appointment, organizing your calendar, etc.
  6. Graphic Design/Web Design – logos, headers, advertising banners, ebook covers, etc.
  7. Audio/Video Editing – editing your videos and audios, creating videos, etc.
  8. Admin tasks – data entry, encoding, scheduling content, etc.
  9. Customer service – dealing with clients and customers, etc.
  10. E-mail Marketing – managing your e-mails, creating content, sending newsletters, setting up lead magnets, etc.
  11. Web Research – researching data, analyzing data, etc.
  12. Web Development – managing your website, coding, etc.
  13. Transcription – transcribing audio, podcasts, videos, etc.
  14. Bookkeeping – managing your books, etc.

This is only 14 things out of hundreds of things that you can outsource online. Can you already imagine the ease it will bring you once you remove some of these tasks from your hands? Imagine not having to deal with the boring, techie or time-consuming stuff because someone does them gracefully for you. With this kind of space, you’ll create more room for inspiration and essential productivity.

If you have no idea where to start, here’s a suggestion: look to the Philippines. Filipino virtual professionals are reliable, loyal, hardworking, competent, and they won’t cost you your arm.  Also, Filipinos’ second language is English which means, communication won’t be complicated.

And it’s not hard to find them. You can start by signing up in our site and post a job for FREE. Once your job post is published, expect applicants to reach you immediately.


If you’re serious about achieving your business’ success, delegating is one of those important factors to make that happen. Imagine the benefits of having someone to take away some of your burdens from you. 

Is your business driving you nuts? Do you think you can benefit from getting help? If yes, are those tasks included in our list above? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section.