Our Story

Due to so much frustration with Metro Manila’s traffic, street perverts, low salary, and stress in the workplace, the founder of Work with Juana decided to start pursuing work from home. Since she loves writing, blogging, and doing graphic design work (which mostly she learned from her Bachelor’s Degree in Google), she was able to make money from doing services such as developing WordPress websites, copywriting, and doing social media management work. When she realized that she encounters less perverts, deals with less traffic since she isn’t always commuting, earns more money AND time, and feels she finally was able to earn freedom, she decided that this career is the perfect path for her. She also realizes that this career is definitely perfect for many Filipinas, especially moms who always have a hard time choosing between career and motherhood. She wanted to create a medium that would give them the option that they can actually have both. She dedicated her time trying to create a platform that makes everything easier for Filipina remote workers and international clients to meet, and teamed up with two other awesome women who are passionate to help Filipinas achieve a career from home.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Filipina virtual professionals to thrive, shine and feel empowered in the virtual business scene. We want to open more opportunities for our community of Juanas and create a place where they can show their greatness at what they do.


Janine Elace Soriano-Ligad

Founder & CEO

1 year into my virtual services business, I had a thought. “It would be super awesome if more women work from home. ” 1 year and 6 months later, that thought became a reality, and Work with Juana was born. My ultimate value in life is freedom – and I bet I’m not the only one. I believe that Filipinas deserve such life of liberation, where they can create their own rules. Let’s make that happen. I have this dream of traveling the world, not do budget trips but rather, trips that won’t restrict me from doing and experiencing everything because my funds, schedule and mobility won’t make it happen. Creating a business with my laptop made those dreams possible. 


Kassandra Joy Mariano

Co-founder & COO

I’m Kassey and just like any Filipinas who are idealistic, passionate goal getter gals I’m also stuck in a situation that somehow ate my time and left me restless throughout the day – a 9 to 5 job. Four years ago, I graduated with high hopes and dreams and thought that I’m capable of conquering the world after working within the four walls for a long time. But struggles came along that made my high hopes and big dreams fade every single day. And for four years of being in the rat race, I’ve realized that I have to do something. That I should bring back the the girl who knows she’s capable of living that dream, and help other people to believe that they’re capable of turning their dreams to goals and goals to reality. Yes, we all deserve to achieve the best things in life.


Lyn Briones

Co-founder & CFO

I’m Lyn, and I was one of those mothers who find it hard to choose between career and motherhood. I’m a graduate of Accountancy and I decided to stop working to become a full-time mom to my 2 wonderful kids. Now that they’re all grown up, I now have all the time to focus on my career. I’m in my 40s now but I believe that age is only our limitation. I’m grateful that at this age, I am a part of a community where we get to inspire women to create a career path that they will absolutely love.